Friday, March 30, 2007

SIGN OF PEACE after the Prayer of the Faithful !

To: Clergy
Religious Houses

Dear Fathers and Friends,

Re: Location of the Sign of Peace

It is necessary to make uniform throughout the Diocese of St. John’s-Basseterre the location of the Sign of Peace.

As of Easter 2007, the Sign of Peace will be exchanged immediately after the Prayer of the Faithful. After the closing prayer summing up the Prayer of the Faithful, the celebrant will greet the Assembly with these or similar words: “The peace of the Lord be with you!” (Note: it is NOT a statement, but a greeting – hence “BE” and not “IS”).

Why this decision? Throughout the diocese I have noticed different and protracted greetings (cum conversation). The Eucharistic Lord is overshadowed by this exchange that is actually not central to the liturgy. Also, it is biblical that before we bring our gifts to the altar we make our peace with others (cf. Mt.5:23ƒƒ).

Because of these reasons, in the just published Apostolic Exhortation, SACRAMENTUM CARITATIS (“Sacrament of Love”), the Holy Father has referred this matter to the pertinent Vatican Departments, for revision (cf. Par. 49).

I therefore encourage all Pastors to read and explain this decision to the Faithful and, if necessary, give any further catechesis. A Blessed Palm/Passion Sunday to you!

God bless!

Yours sincerely in Christ,
+ Donald J. Reece
Most Reverend Donald J. Reece, D.D., G.C.M.
Bishop of St. John’s-Basseterre

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Dianne said...

Dear Father

Is the change one which is expected to be replicated throughout all Catholic churches?

Dianne Marshall-Holdip