Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Biblical Sabbath & Christian Sunday - Weekned Course - April 13-14, 2007

This is the time when we in the Christian church reflect upon the impact of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Lord's Day which commemorates it. Why we celebrate the Lord's day and not the Sabbath? What is the essence of Biblical Sabbath? Why the Adventists and others accuse us catholics of changing Sabbath into Sunday? What did we retain in the celebration of the Lord's Day from the Biblical Sabath?

Thses and many more quastions will be answered at the Weekend workshop on "Biblical Sabbath & Christian Sunday"

You are invited to join in the two day workshop on Biblical Sabbath & Sunday starting this Friday (April 13) evening 6.00p.m. - 9.00p.m

We begin with the short introduction to the Jewish Sabbath Celebration and then at 7.30p.m. we will celebrate a sumptious Sabbath meal according to Jewish customs.

and on Saturday April 14
Saturday morning (April 14) from 9.00a.m. until noon (12.00p.m) - The Sabbath Commandment(s) in the Bible. - A serious Bible study of the sabbath commandment in the bible and biblical understanding of sabbath.
Noon until 5.00p.m. - Sabbath Rest (please refrain from doing any work)
5.00-7.00p.m. - Why not Saturday(sabbath) but Sunday (the Lord's Day)?

Registration: $25 (which includes Kosher sabbath evening meal - on Friday; and light lunch on Saturday)

You may pay your registration fee when you come but you have to register by Thursday (April 12) evening (9.00p.m. - no later registartions accepted !). You can do it by e-mail or phone. Just give me your name. Please register soon as we want to keep the workshop to maximum 10-12 participants.

The venue for the Sabbath meal will be the Prebytery Board Room, on East Independece Square, Basseterre

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