Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Marriage Encounter Weekend

A weekend course for the Engaged Couples who intended to marry in next twelve months will be held from Friday evening April 20 till Sunday morning April 22. Please register as soon as possible for the course.

This course is not a lived in course: Friday: 7.00-9.00p.m. Saturday: 9.00-12.00a.m. (Break for Lunch - included) and 1.00-4.00p.m.

Sunday Mass will be the presentation of the Certificates.

The cost is only $50 per couple.

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Dianne said...

I have been privileged to be part of the marriage preparation team in the Co-cathedral and have found it to be very meaningful at that time in my life. I do realise that I do miss performing that service and more importantly the way I miss the way it strengthens one's own relationship. I pray for the opportunity to rejoin the team in the near future.

Dianne Marshall-Holdip