Monday, April 19, 2010

Crest for the new Immaculate Conception Catholic School

Oval-egg presents a similarity to the old crest of the St. Theresa's Convent School in terms of shape. Egg symbolizes security of an embryo

The oval egg is surrounded by the name of the school. Immaculate Conception on top and Catholic School at the bottom. In the past St. Theresa's Convent School became colloquially known as "Convent School" and St. Joseph's Primary became "Roman School." We hope that in the long run the school will be referred informally as the "Catholic School" and not “Convent” or Roman” school.

The two crosses that separate the words in the name represent the two schools that were merged: St. Theresa’s Convent School & St. Joseph’s Primary School. The crosses are incorporated in the new name of the school, both being and integral part of what was merged.

In the centre of the crest is a symbol of a mother looking at a child which has a multiple meanings:
First it symbolizes Virgin Mary and Child Jesus - since the school is called Immaculate Conception - Marian motive and name.
Secondly, a strong unity of the mother and the child is implied since they are connected together through body and soul (Looking at each other). Through that a mutual respect, care, love, etc. between Mary and Jesus; teacher and child; parent-child are symbolized.
Thirdly, it symbolizes the watchful eye of the teacher over the child and the parent over the child. We would like that the teacher-parent-child relationship be strengthened and highly upheld in the new school especially the involvement of parents in the school.

"Nothing is Impossible with God" or in Latin: "Nihil imposibile apud Deum" These words come from the story of the Annunciation to Mary by the Angel, just before Mary responded with her "Fiat - let it be" (Luke 1:37). it is also a reflection of how this school came about as well as a motivation for the students and the teachers that calls us to put our trust in God in everything we do as Mary did when she said - “let it be done...”

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