Monday, April 19, 2010

Immaculate Conception Catholic School

In the place where for the last 100 years two catholic schools stood side by side one for more privilaged and the other for less privilaged students one new school will be established as of September 2010. It will take the name of the parish: IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CATHOLIC SCHOOL.

Presently, a second two story building is being erectect which will host 12 classrooms with high tech labs for high school students of the soon to be established new school. The old building of St. Joseph's school will be transformed later this year into the Adminsitration Building for the new school. All this is done to a great vision and generosity of Dan and Kathy Mezzalingua and their late daughter Laurie.

The dream of the merger of the schools was in pipeline for the long time. Thanks to the Mezzalingua Family that great dream becomes reality.

We also want to assure all the alumni of the past two schools to unite them behind this big project and all care will be taken to preserve the history and memorabilia of the two schools that existed here and made this new school.